The Solace of Wild Places - September 2016

From Wild Love (unpublished), 1996, by Nancy Wood


In these mountains I am made whole again
by birds and rocks and trees which speak to me
of their own difficulty in surviving storms.  The earth reaffirms
my brief connection to her holy body and in this wild place
I find a lasting grace, unheeded in the daily shove of life.
The sun kneads my back with reassurance and the stream
sings of simplicity overlooked in my struggle to be brave.
Deep in these mountains solitude soothes my rage,
and I know that no one notices my importance,
not even me.


All of My Life is a Dance - August 2016

From Many Winters, 1974, by Nancy Wood


All of my life is a dance.
When I was young and feeling the earth
My steps were quick and easy.
The beat of the earth was so loud
That my drum was silent beside it.
All of my life rolled out from my feet
Like my land which had no end as far as I could see.
The rhythm of my life was pure and free.
As I grew older my feet kept dancing so hard
That I wore a spot in the earth
At the same time I made a hole in the sky.
I danced to the sun and the rain
And the moon lifted me up
So that I could dance to the stars.
My head touched the clouds sometimes
And my feet danced deep in the earth
So that I became the music I danced to everywhere.
It was the music of life.
Now my steps are slow and hard
And my body fails my spirit.
Yet my dance is still within me and
My song is the air I breathe.
My song insists that I keep dancing forever.
My song insists that I keep rhythm
With all of the earth and the sky.
My song insists that I will never die.


My Brother the Star - July 2016

From Hollering Sun, 1972, by Nancy Wood


My brother the star, my mother the earth, my father the sun, my sister the moon, to my life give beauty, to my body give strength, to my corn give goodness, to my house give peace, to my spirit give truth, to my elders give wisdom.



Today is a Very Good Day to Die - June 2016

From Many Winters, 1974, by Nancy Wood


Today is a very good day to die.

Every living thing is in harmony with me.

Every voice sings a chorus within me.

All beauty has come to rest in my eyes.

All bad thoughts have departed from me.

Today is a very good day to die.

My land is peaceful around me.

My fields have been turned for the last time.

My house is filled with laughter.

My children have come home.

Yes, today is a very good day to die.



Be a Warrior of Small Wars - May 2016

From War Cry on a Prayer Feather, 1979, by Nancy Wood


Be a warrior of small wars

Accustomed to small praise

For honesty and do not fight

For the sake of attainment.

Build a house of solid thoughts

A fortress of introspection

Feed and shelter all who enter

Protect and not possess them.


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