NEW! The best of Nancy Wood’s poetry in one volume

This work gathers Southwestern author Nancy Wood’s 73 most enduring poems about divine nature, the strength of women, love, family, and loss.

Nancy’s Books

Nancy wrote 28 books between 1963 and 2013. Please contact Nancy’s trustee at to discuss republishing any of her books or to obtain rights or permission to use any of her work.

Currently in Print
  • My Help Is in the Mountain: The Selected Poems of Nancy Wood, NWLT, 2022
  • We Became as Mountains, Sherman Asher Press, 2008
  • Sacred Fire, Doubleday, 1998
  • Shaman’s Circle, Doubleday, 1996
  • Dancing Moons, Doubleday, 1995
  • Spirit Walker, Doubleday, 1993
  • War Cry on a Prayer Feather: Prose and Poetry of the Ute Indians, Doubleday, 1979
  • Many Winters: Poetry and Prose of the Pueblos, Doubleday 1974 and 1992 (also published in English, Korean, and Japanese)
  • Hollering Sun, Simon and Schuster, 1972
  • Eye of the West, University of New Mexico Press, 2007
  • Taos Pueblo, Knopf, 1989
  • Heartland New Mexico: Photographs from the FSA 1935-1943, University of New Mexico Press, 1989
  • When Buffalo Free the Mountains: A Ute Indian Story, Doubleday, 1980
  • The Grass Roots People: An American Requiem, Harper and Row, 1978
  • In This Proud Land: America 1935-43, as Seen in the FSA Photographs, with Roy Stryker, New York Graphic Society, 1974
  • Clearcut: The Deforestation of America, Sierra Club, 1972
  • Colorado: Big Mountain Country, with photographs by Myron Wood, Doubleday, 1969
  • Central City: A Ballad of the West, with photographs by Myron Wood, Chaparral Press, 1963
  • The Serpent’s Tongue: Prose, Poetry and Art of the New Mexico Pueblos, Dutton, 1997
  • The Soledad Crucifixion, UNM Press, 2012
  • Thunderwoman, Dutton, 1999
  • The Man Who Gave Thunder to the Earth: A Taos Way of Seeing and Understanding, Doubleday, 1976
  • The King of LibertyBend, Harper and Row, 1976 (Published in English and Swedish)
  • The Last Five Dollar Baby, Harper and Row, 1972
Children’s Fiction
  • Old Coyote, Candlewick Press, 2006
  • Mr. and Mrs. God in the Creation Kitchen, Candlewick Press, 2006
  • How the Tiny People Grew Tall: An Original Creation Tale, Candlewick Press, 2005
  • The Girl Who Loved Coyotes: Stories of the Southwest, HarperCollins, 1995
  • Little Wrangler, Doubleday, 1966