The Marriage of Stars and Flowers – February 2019

From Shaman’s Circle, 1996, by Nancy Wood


When stars first appeared in the sky, they were lonely, never

touching, or becoming touched by what lay beyond their isolation.

They had deep eyes with which to examine the sinews of

The universe and secret ears with which to hear the struggling whispers

of plants emerging from the earth below. After a while,

when the stars were looking within themselves for meaning,


They noticed a field of yellow flowers swaying in the wind of a

distant mountaintop. These flowers were patient and unresisting,

some so small that the stars couldn’t see them very well,

But they knew these living things to be mirrors of their own vast beauty.

Thus stars married flowers in loving affirmation

Of one another, expecting nothing more than recognition

of their unimportant differences.

Dancing Moons – January 2019

From Dancing Moons, 1995, by Nancy Wood


Deep in the sanctuary of my loneliness,

I looked at the nighttime sky where

The full moon in its own deep solitude

Suddenly began to dance across the stars.

From dark horizon to dark horizon it went,

Giving light to my silent, shuttered heart,

And to itself the promise of desire.


As I watched, the full moon danced the night away,

Bathed in earth’s reflected harmony. Then

The moon became two moons, multiplying on and on

Until the sky was filled with dancing moons.

Those distant orbs of spirited light vanished the moment

The sun came up, yet shadows of their beauty remained,

Reminding me of the blessings of my life.

What have I learned during this life – December 2018

From Shaman’s Circle, 1996, by Nancy Wood

What have I learned during this life of falling often on a path that

offered me direction I did not take? The language of snails.

Why did I ignore the advice of those who had lived a long time?

So that I could embrace my own mistakes.

Who was willing to accompany me on my painful journey?

Myself alone, dragging along the shadows of experience.

What shall I give to those ready to embark upon an even steeper

An open heart. Resistance to despair. Laughter. Most of all,

The love of birds, animals, and spirits who watched my progress and said,

Though you have arrived, you are nowhere at all.

Wherever my eyes fall – November 2018


From Many Winters, 1974, by Nancy Wood


Wherever my eyes fall

I see you everywhere.

In the still pond gathering ice

To conceal itself from winter

You are the deep shy water.

In the slow built sparrow’s nest

Of infinite eggs and seasons

You are the mother to spring.

In summer flowers bursting

Down from the mountaintop

You are a wild and fragile dancer.

In the autumn wind at odds

With the disappearing leaves

You are the promise of next year.

Wherever my eyes fall

I see you everywhere.

You have thus become my vision

As my eyes go blind with years.

I would like to be a tree – October 2018


From War Cry on a Prayer Feather, 1979, by Nancy Wood


I would like to be a tree

but you would cut me down.

I would like to be a river

but you would build a dam.

I would like to be a bird

but you would poison what I eat.

I would like to be a deer

but you would shoot me for my meat.

I would like to be a fish

but you would catch me in your net.

I would like to be a coyote

but you would want me for my skin.

I would like to be a grizzly bear

but you would kill me because I’m rare.

I would like to be a flower

but you would pick me to take home.

I would like to be what I am.

Is there any hope for that?